Summer Tranquility Tip

It doesn't have to be a hot summer day to need sunscreen.  Learn how using SPF daily can protect you skin, prevent premature aging, and keep you looking youthful and vibrant for years to come!


Summer fun in the sun is here! Its time to make SPF part of your daily skin care regimen. If you apply an SPF 15, it will allow you to stay in the sun 15 times longer than without an SPF. For example, if you get a sunburn in 20 min without an SPF, by applying an SPF 15 it will allow you to stay in the sun for for 300 minutes because it increases that time by a factor of 15. An SPF 15 will filter out 93% of uva/uvb. An SPF 30 will filter out 97%. You don't have to be on the beach to get sun. You are exposed to the sun while driving in your car, when you are gardening, jogging, walking your dog, you are exposed.

Sunscreen has been designed to protect skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation (UVR).  Without protection, the sun can cause short term changes to the skin such as pigmentation changes, redness, burning, and blistering of the skin.  The sun can cause even more harmful long term changes to your cells which ultimately change the make-up of your DNA and damage your cells.  These damaged cells are what causes skin cancer.  Without protection, you are leaving your skin vulnerable and susceptible to the unsafe effects of sun exposure.


Tranquility carries sun protection products from two of our most trusted skin care lines.

Try our SkinCeuticals Physical UV Defense SPF 50. Also if you have combination/oily skin try our Physical Matte UV Defense SPF 50. For the delicate eye area try our Physical Eye UV Defense SPF 50. When an SPF label says "Physical" it means it contains ingredients like zinc oxide and  titanium oxide which bounce the UVA rays off of the skin.




Benefits of Wearing Sunscreen Daily

·         Broad-spectrum sunscreens protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays.

·         Protection from painful sunburns, irritated skin, redness, and blistering.

·         Sunscreen prevents all kinds of skin cancers including squamous cell skin cancers as well as melanoma.

·         Even at low level exposures, UVA light breaks down collagen production, which causes wrinkles.  Wearing SPF daily will combat collagen breakdown as well as help shield important proteins like elastin, and keratin, which keep skin smooth and firm.

·         Sunscreen is used as the base of most makeup items these days because of the anti-aging and moisturizing properties in possesses. People who wear sunscreen every day, no matter what the season or weather, get the benefits of less wrinkles, tighter, smoother skin and younger looking skin.

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