Body Treatments

Coconut Mango Sugar Glow

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The rich aroma of mango, cane sugar crystals and blended oils creates a
most luxurious scrub to exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Perfect for any
skin type. A hydrating essential oil application completes this treatment,
leaving skin soft and glowing.

1 hr. / $ 110.00

Aromatherapy Salt Glow

Pure aromatherapy oils combined with dead sea salt cleanse, exfoliate and revitalize your skin. This
invigorating treatment is completed with your choice of aromatherapy skin hydration.

1 hr. / $ 110.00

Antioxidant Herbal Mud Body Masque

Detoxifying moor mud and dead sea mud, organic herb mix, spirulina and lavender are
gently layered onto the body.  Enjoy a relaxing face, foot and scalp massage while organic products are absorbed by the body.  A true delight for all the senses; this treatment delivers essential antioxidants to hydrate and tone your skin.

1 1/2 hrs. / $ 130.00

Lavender Essence Thermal Wrap

This aromatic hydrating wrap is a wonderful remedy for dry, sensitive skin. Treatment includes dry brush exfoliation followed by warm lavender essence compresses. Warm lavender oil is gently massaged into the skin providing ultimate relaxation and hydration while wrapped in a thermal blanket. Enjoy a delightful face and head massage while your body soaks in therapeutic lavender oil! A hydrating lotion application completes this renewing experience.

1 hr. / $110.00

Apricot Detox Wrap With Japanese Mint Foot Therapy

Luxurious apricot scrub is lightly massaged all over the body. While wrapped, a gentle foot exfoliation prepares you for a revitalizing foot masque. A soothing face, scalp and foot massage completes this most relaxing service. An excellent choice for treating eczema, ps

oriasis and dry skin.

1 1/2 hrs. / $140.00

Rose Body Ritual Body Treatment

Revive your radiance with this comforting, restorative treatment. Precious essential oil of damask rose works on capillary circulation, renewing the skin. The aroma has an expansive quality that soothes the emotions and nurtures the heart. The treatment begins with a gentle olive grain exfoliation. Nourishing oils are applied to cuticles and heels and then the body is layered in a hydrating and regenerating rose gel. A moisturizing and softening mix of oil and cream with evening primrose oil and Shea butter is smoothed on, then left to penetrate your skin, assisted by your own body heat. An Ayurvedic scalp massage with frankincense inhalation works simultaneously on the physical, mental and emotional aspects of your being. This treatment leaves your skin radiant, soft and smooth and your spirits uplifted.

De-Stressing Soother

A polishing scrub prepares your skin for rich, nourishing layers of potent essential oils and herbal extracts. Under a wrap, your body’s warmth encourages their restorative effects to go to work. An Ayurvedic scalp, shoulder and neck massage focuses on relaxation. A specially selected combination of soothing essential oils calms a busy mind… sweet, earthy frankincense works on the intuition and encourages a meditative sense of peace; gentle chamomile calms the spirit and rosemary brings clarity of mind. Gentle pressures and stretches awaken the muscles and ease you back into the day.

Ritual Baths

Cleopatra used ritual baths as her relaxation and beauty regime. We offer the same indulgence for you to experience and enjoy. Our state-of-the-art hydrotherapy tub uses water massage and light therapy to make this treatment truly therapeutic and calming. Select your favorite ritual bath below to create a personalized journey to relax the body and stimulate the senses. A ritual tea marks the final stanza of this glorious symphony.

  • Citrus Fusion
    Lift your spirits to new heights with an aromatic blend of orange, grapefruit, and geranium.

  • Detox Mud Bath
    Detoxify with our special blend of lemon, cypress, rosemary, European moor mud and spirulina for the ultimate detox.

  • Rose Essence
    Soothes and hydrates your skin with intoxicating rose milk oil.

  • Tranquility Lavender Bliss
    Calm your senses with this healing blend of lavender, orange, and ylang-ylang.

  • Rosemary Meltaway
    Melt away any muscle aches and pains with a blend of marjoram, ginger, peppermint, and rosemary.

30 mins/ All baths $ 50.00

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