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Crystal Clarity Healing Reiki – Debbie – Esthetician & Reiki Master




I am a Reiki Master and have been practicing reiki healing since 2002.  I incorporate various techniques into a reiki session.  Chakra stones are used as well as a pendulum and a Tibetan singing bowl.  I also perform Emotional Release Therapy and use visualization and intuition to heal on a deeper level to gain insight into the core issues of my client.  I end the session with spiritual counseling and advice to begin your journey towards mind, body, and spirit wellness.

My goal is to help you reach a higher state of emotional clarity and clear all negative, blocked, imbalanced chakras.  I focus on releasing unwanted emotional negativity and thought patterns to promote clarity, inner peace and balance which will allow you to move forward on the right path with a positive outlook.  If you are feeling any of the below:

  • Stuck, confused
  • Stress, anxiety, worry
  • Unable to let go of emotional pain
  • That you take on other peoples problems
  • Dysfunctional relationships that are causing disharmony
  • Difficulty letting go of a loved one that has passed away

then Reiki is the answer.  Reiki will also work on a physical level and harmonize the immune system as well as promote natural self-healing.

Break free from the emotional pain that ultimately causes disease in the body and keeps us in a negative state of mind and from living a balanced healthy life.  You will feel whole again, full of joy, peace, happiness, and most importantly love.


Read how Reiki has changed so many lives....

“Thank you so much! I’m not as stressed and feel so much lighter.” – Barbara H

“Reiki changed my life and how I think about my life.  It helps me immediately notice when I am not centered and focusing energy on my wellness.  Reiki teaches us to relaly listen to our heats, minds, and our bodies.  It helps to connect us to our bodies and the energy that is available to us.  It immediately makes us feel better, more clear, and more at peace.  I can never thank you enough for everything you have done for me.  Your friendship, kindness, and caring was incredible.  You changed my life!!” – Sharon H

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