July Treatment Special

Acne Facial - $10 OFF !!tranquility_acne_facial.jpg

Adult Acne can be frustrating and may not respond well to treatment because it is much different than a teenage acne breakout. Adult Acne can be influenced by factors such as stress, hormonal fluctuations, medications and diet.
Tranquility's expert Estheticians can help pin point Adult Acne aggravators and provide gentle yet deep cleansing treatment.

This treatment highlights an Oxygen and Salycilic Acid treatment to open and cleanse the pores, detoxifying lymphatic massage, and a soothing and Hydrating mask to allow the skin to heal.

In addition, Tranquility's Estheticians will educate you on acne management and how to prevent and control acne.
For best results treatment recommended in a series. All over the counter and prescription topical acne treatments and retinols must be discontinued a minimum of 3 days prior to treatment.


1hr / normally $100 - Specially priced at $ 10 OFF !!

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