June Featured Class

donation_meditation_tranquility_milford.jpgDonation-Based Guided Meditation

Join instructor Andrea after her Sunday morning Yoga class on June 21 and July 12  for a short sitting guided meditation.

She will guide a donation-based class to support Reach Out Project - devoted to supporting youth at risk in the community; through Recovery, Education, Accountability and Hope.  




When your mind starts to pull you in directions that you know won't serve you well, stop and laugh at it's tenacity. 

Then take a deep breath and embrace your own tenacity to regulate the mind.

Laugh at the cosmic joke of how most of us have allowed our minds to hold us captive for years.
It's time we stop following the mind blindly. But let's do it with love, forgiveness, patience and understanding.

You are the master of your mind, not the other way around.

~ Sam Desai, LPC, RYT


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