Love a Healthy Heart

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Love a Healthy Heart

Dear Friends:

Aristotle and other ancient Greek philosophers and scientists thought the heart was a lot of things: the seat of thought, reason, emotion or the soul. Today we know the heart is a vital organ that distributes blood throughout our bodies. A healthy heart is a symbol of fitness and wellness, but also love and affection.

February is American Heart Month and one way to support heart health is to get massages regularly. Basic massage strokes stimulate receptors that cause overall relaxation, including widening of the blood vessels. This results in a lower heart rate and a lower blood pressure, both good for the heart.

Next week is Valentine’s Day. Why not treat your heart – and that special someone – to a couple’s massage? You will spend quality time together in our private couple’s suite while our expert therapists perform your favorite massages side-by-side. You can order a gift certificate directly from our website – or schedule your visit online and surprise your valentine with an appointment!

At Tranquility Mind & Body Wellness Spa, we want to help keep your heart healthy throughout the year. Our new membership program offers an award-winning massage for just $69 a month. Or visit our website to see a complete list of services that not only help your heart, but your total health and wellness.

Trilogy Yoga & Fitness Program
Take advantage of 30 days for $30 for new members. Call now for more info.

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