Lymphatic Massage

massage_tranquility_milford.jpgExtremely gentle, sequenced strokes simulate the movement of lymphatic fluid

Our lymphatic system houses lymph nodes which produce immune cells that fight infection.  These lymph nodes also filter lymph fluid to remove foreign material. Lymph nodes swell and increase in size when bacteria or other immune threats are present.

Lymphatic Massage is a drainage process.  This is accomplished by gentle and rhythmic massage techniques following the direction of lymph flow.  Mild stretching movements redirect lymph flow away from blocked areas to facilitate drainage.  This method helps in directly aiding the body’s own cleansing system of cellular detoxification.  Lymphatic vessels are very easily stimulated.  Too much pressure can actually diminish lymph flow, therefore lymphatic massage is delicate.
This medically recognized therapy is excellent for boosting your immune system, as well as reducing pain, fluid retention, and chronic inflammation. Also relieves sinus conditions and headaches while detoxifying the body.
Please wear comfortable clothing.

1 hr. / $ 110.00

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