All of our award winning massages are done by highly qualified professionals. We offer a wide range of massages to suit your special needs.


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Ayurvedic Holistic Massage


A wonderful, personalized massage which uses specific ayurvedic essential oils designed to balance your specific dosha and remove toxins from the body. This massage incorporates the principles of Ayurveda, a holistic system of healing the body by balancing the life energies within us.


1 hr. / $ 100.00


Swedish Massage


A light to medium pressure massage that relaxes and balances the body, improves muscle tone and stimulates circulation.


1 hr. / $ 90.00

Firm Swedish Massage


A medium pressure massage that relaxes and balances the body, improves muscle tone and stimulates circulation.


1 hr. / $ 105.00

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Massage


A deep tissue, barefoot massage which increases overall health and well being by reducing stress, pain and inflammation along the spine. If you like deep massage this will be one of your favorites.


1 hr. / $ 110.00


Fibromyalgia Massage


An extremely gentle massage therapy for all stages of fibromyalgia. Therapist provides gentle strokes, light stretching and manipulation of hot stones on tender points; relieving pain, fatigue and anxiety. A safe and effective alternative method for treating this condition. 30min.


$ 60.00


Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage


An intense, deep tissue massage, excellent for ridding the body of chronic muscle tightness, tension, and pain.


1 hr. / $ 120.00


Lymphatic Massage


Extremely gentle, sequenced strokes simulate the movement of lymphatic fluid directly aiding the body’s own cleansing system of cellular detoxification. This medically recognized therapy is excellent for reducing pain, fluid retention, and chronic inflammation. Also relieves sinus conditions and headaches while detoxifying the body.


1 hr. / $ 110.00


Sports Massage


Friction, Stretching, Compressions, Deep work, and work around the joints.


1 hr. / $ 120.00


Craniosacral Massage


A sequence of feather-light, yet powerful, touches along the spinal column and head that balance the craniosacral system. Effective for headache, TMJ dysfunction, general pain and stress elimination.


1 hr. / $ 110.00


Zen Shiatsu Massage


Japanese acupressure treatment using palms, fingers, and stretching to release tension and increase circulation to restore energy.


1 hr. / $ 100.00


Head, Neck & Back Massage


If your time is limited, this great massage focuses on releasing knots and tension in the head, shoulders, neck and back.


30min. / $ 55.00


Pre-Natal Massage


A gentle and nurturing treatment, offering the perfect combination of gentle massage and soothing touch for the mother-to-be.


1 hr. / $ 100.00


Teen Massage


Specially designed for teenagers to introduce them to massage therapy. Therapist takes the time to make teenager feel relaxed & comfortable through light, gentle strokes and pressure points. A wonderful release for those stressful teen years.


1 hr. / $ 80.00


Couple’s Massage


A great way to spend quality time together. Escape to the enchanting private couple’s suite for the ultimate pampering. Therapists perform your favorite massages side-by-side.


1 hr. / $ 200.00 (for two)


Chair Massage


Great add on to a service to extend your spa experience and help you relax and release tension!


15 min./$20.00

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