Saturday Sun Salutations

Saturday Sun Salutationssun_salutations_milfordct_yoga_dayspa_tranquility.jpg

Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskar) are a sequence of powerful yoga postures (asanas) that intend to keep the mind calm and healthy as well as stretch the body and improve circulation.  These movements generate heat to cleanse and awaken the body and mind.

It has been said that the different parts of the body are governed by different Devas (divine impulses or divine light). The solar plexus (located behind the navel, which is the central point of the human body) is said to be connected with the Sun. The regular practice of this technique enhances the solar plexus, which increases one's creativity and intuitive abilities.

Surya Namaskar is beneficial any time of day, however early morning tends to be an important time of day to practice so that one can be alone without distraction.  Sun salutations energize the body and awaken the mind, and connect us to a sense of gratitude for the new day.  Live Strong notes the enormous benefits of sun salutations that promote inner peace and focus.  You are able to connect the rhythm of your breath to inhalations and exhalations of each movement.
The sequence starts and ends with strong mountain pose with hands at hearts center.  Tadasana allows time for gratitude for the life-giving energy of the sun that flows through all beings.

Click on the Yoga Journal link to follow the simple steps of Surya Namaskar to achieve inner harmony and a balanced body. 

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