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Ever wonder what an Antioxidant really is?

An Antioxidant is a vitamin, mineral, or an enzyme containing an extra unpaired electron. So how does this one little electron help us?
Antioxidants (and their extra electrons) are super important because they neutralize free radicals.

A Free Radical is a molecule that has one too many or one too few electrons making it extremely unstable. In an effort to stabilize itself it will scavenge your body and skin for an electron, in turn causing damage and death to the cells that it comes in contact with. This can cause mutated cells and premature aging.

This is the oxidation process in a nutshell.  However, in the presence of an Antioxidant, the Free Radical becomes neutralized without causing damage to the cells of the body.

Free Radicals are caused by many factors including; Sun exposure, Pollution, Smoking, Radiation and more.

The best way to reduce Free Radical damage is to include Antioxidants into your lifestyle through diet, and also topically through your skin care regime.

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