The simplest way to a longer, healthier life!

Your back aches, your hamstrings are tight, you have a crick in your neck. You’ve been sitting at that desk for too long, you’ve been overdoing it at the gym, you’ve been chasing the kids. With our daily routines and obligations, for most of us stretching takes a back seat. But it is one of the EASIEST ways to promote coordination, facilitate flexibility, and ultimately lead to a longer healthier life.

Spend 30minutes or 50minutes with our therapists. A one-on-one session will improve range of motion, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and soothe body aches. Our therapists will educate you on safe and effective stretching with proper technique so that you can decrease your risk of injury.

Using dynamic and static stretching, your therapist can help you use techniques that delay the reduced mobility that can come with aging. Stretched muscles allow for blood flow to the muscles and increased circulation throughout the body. Our muscles respond to stress by tensing and tightening, therefore proper stretching can alleviate this tension and stress.

Wear comfortable clothing.

30min.  $55 /  50min. $80

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