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Isagenix Nutritional Cleanse Weight Loss Program




Weight Loss Before Tranquility Day SpaLose 9 to 15 pounds in nine days, safely and Weight Loss After Tranquility Day Spa effectively.

Isagenix Nutritional Liver Cleanse Weight Loss System 

Chemicals and toxins are the primary cause of illness, disease & obesity!



Your liver and kidneys are the cleansing organs of your body. When they are overworked due to the amount of toxins they must eliminate, they become sluggish and ineffective. Fat accumulates around these toxins, creating pockets of fat around the belly (liver) and love handles (kidneys).

Every day, 700,000 tons of pollutants are added to our environment via processed food, household cleaners, cosmetics, hair dyes, etc. Without a nutritiously rich diet that nourishes and assists the body in eliminating these toxins, the body loses its strength and vitality. The immune system becomes suppressed, causing illness, disease and excess body fat -- a major killer in America today.

This program is specifically designed to cleanse your liver and get it back to optimum efficiency. Once this is accomplished, your body will begin to process nutrients more effectively and burn fat. With this specially designed program, you will lose weight and gain energy.

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