The Power of Meditation

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Who has the time to sit and think about nothing for 20 minutes to an hour every day?  How do I keep my mind from wandering? And what does pulling your mind away from your body actually mean?  How are you even supposed to do that?? What’s a third eye?  That’s crazy!  How can I really clear my mind of all the stress, commitments, and deadlines when I have a million and one things going on?  Those people that can pull off this meditation thing can’t be real!  Are they actually even meditating?  Or just sleeping sitting up?

Have any of those thoughts crossed your mind when considering mediation?

Let’s talk about why meditation is so powerful. First, meditation encourages us to visit a peaceful place – both physically and mentally.  Many of us never get the chance throughout the day to enter a calm environment.  Finding your “happy place” allows your mind and body to be at ease.  Mediation gives us the framework to focus on becoming more calm, peaceful, and disconnected from stress.  It allows you to be more appreciative and attentive to everything in your life. It is a time of reflection and gratitude.

It has been researched that mindful meditation sharpens skills like attention, memory, and emotional intelligence.  Meditation has the potential to decrease anxiety therefore boosting resilience during stressful stations.  Meditation encourages creativity and emotional balance.

Meditation allows us to understand ourselves and our minds a little bit better.  We learn how to transform our thought process to not only work more efficiently in our daily lives but to change our way of thinking completely.  Changing our thoughts from negative to positive, disturbed to peaceful, unhappy to happy.  Cultivating constructive thoughts is truly the purpose of meditation.

Now how do we actually do it?

  • Start simple.
  • Find a quiet, comfortable peaceful place.  Wear comfortable clothing.  Don’t let any outside factors distract you from taking this time for yourself.
  • Count your breaths.  This will help you focus and relax.
  • Do a body scan.  Focus your attention on one body part at a time.  Start at the soles of your feet and think about completely relaxing every muscle and limb.  Think about your toes, the tops of your feet, your ankles, all the way to the top of your head.
  • Come back when you wander.  Of course your mind will wander, that is for certain.  There is no problem with that, but when you notice that, acknowledge that thought and set it aside for later.  Return back to your breath and count.
  • Develop a loving attitude towards taking care of yourself in this way.

Like anything else, meditation takes practice.  You can never really do it “wrong.” Meditation won’t be just another thing to “do.”  Don’t get caught up in the “how,” just do! It will ultimately help your mind relax and work more efficiently and calmly.  It will end up leaving you feeling more powerful yet balanced and you will have less to worry and stress over.

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