Waxing for Men and Women

Waxing for Men and Women

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Waxing has long been a popular method of semi-permanent hair removal among women. However, men are increasingly seeking professional waxing services as part of their grooming regimen. The benefit of waxing is that hair is removed from the root, takes longer to grow in, and hair grows in thinner.

But quality matters! A higher quality wax helps ease pain and gives better performance, delivering more satisfying results. Waxing should be done by an experienced and certified technician to avoid burns and skin damage. This is particularly important if you have a waxing prior to vacation.

At Tranquility Mind & Body Wellness Spa, our experienced and certified waxing experts are on hand to serve your needs.

We provide:
• Both men's and women's waxing centers, each with private areas
• Stringent hygiene methods using high quality waxing products
• Low pricing for all waxing services, including Brazilian, bikini, lip, brow, back, chest, etc.

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View our Spa Services at http://www.tranquilwellnessspa.com
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