Wellness for the Heart and Mind

Wellness for the Heart and Mind

Dear Friends:

This month is National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness and Family Caregiver Month. While researchers continue to look for a cause and a cure, they have discovered a potential connection between Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease. Conditions that can damage the heart and blood vessels - like high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and high cholesterol – may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s and vascular dementia.

That means focusing on an overall wellness program is important not only for a healthy heart but also a healthy mind. Here are some ways you may benefit both:

  • Eat brain food. According to the Alzheimer’s Association website, your brain is nourished by one of your body’s richest networks of blood vessels; brain cells use at least 20% of the food and oxygen your blood carries.

  • Exercise. The website also suggests that exercise may directly help brain cells by increasing the flow of blood and oxygen. A workout like our Cardio, Core and Calm program combines kickboxing, core work and yoga to refresh body, mind and spirit.

  • Diet. Heart-healthy eating patterns, like a Mediterranean diet, may help protect the brain.

  • Manage stress. For caregivers, increased stress can put their own health and wellness at risk. Take preventative steps, like taking a yoga class or scheduling a massage, for a time out to relax the mind and body, and lower blood pressure.

  • Learn more about how your brain works. The Alzheimer’s Association has an excellent virtual slide show that helps explain the ins and outs of our body’s most powerful organ.


At Tranquility Mind & Body, we want to help you stay healthy and well. Please visit our website and check into our wellness tips for a healthier and well you.

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