Yoga, It's Great for Guys Too

Yoga - It's Great for Guys, Too

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Yoga offers tremendous benefits to those who practice, among them less stress, a stronger and more flexible body, better balance and breathing, and more stabilized joints. But often yoga is thought to be something only women do. Truth is men also reap the benefits.

In an article from The Well Daily titled, “Why Guys Should Practice Yoga,” Jason Wachob, founder of MindBodyGreen, tells how he got started with yoga. After sustaining a painful back injury and barely able to move, he had the choice of surgery or yoga. He chose yoga. His back felt better within weeks.
For those interested in beginning a yoga practice, Wachob suggests you get familiar with beginner poses and “shop around to find the styles and teachers” that work best for you.

His tips:

  • Practice with someone. “It’s definitely nice to go with someone, and I absolutely think yoga can help strengthen relationships,” he says.

  • Meet someone at practice. While that’s not the main goal, once the benefits of yoga start to be felt, meeting someone is a nice plus.

  • Don’t let testosterone kick in. Guys should let go of the train hard/push harder mentality. “That’s a recipe for injury,” he says. Instead he suggests that you relax and learn to control your breath so you use less energy and become more efficient in your practice.

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At Tranquility Mind & Body, our yoga classes ensure renewal of a healthier you through a combination of movement, breath and meditation. A committed yoga practice, whether you’re a man or woman, will enhance your stability, improve your balance and flexibility, and leave you stronger, healthier and centered. Please visit our website and check into our schedule and find a class that is right for you.

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