Stretch Therapy

Stretch therapy techniques are an important part of functional movement.  Stretching has long been a component of fitness training, even though it’s commonly an afterthought for your typical gym-goer.

Stretch Therapy: A one-on-one assisted Stretch session will improve range of motion, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and soothe body aches.  Our Stretch techs offer safe and effective stretching with proper technique so that you can decrease your risk of injury or recover from injury, improve mobility and restore muscle and joint balance.  Stretched muscles allow for smoother blood flow to the muscles and increased circulation throughout the body which promotes healthier mental and physical performance. Wear comfortable athletic clothing. Socks required, preferably grip socks. 25min. $55.00 / 55min. $100.00

*Add-on Cupping $25

      • 4 Pack 55 min.    $340
      • 8 Pack 55 min.    $640
      • 4 Pack 25 min.    $200
      • 8 Pack 25 min.    $380
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