Holistic Healing & Specialty Massage

Health and wellness truly depend on a delicate balance of mind, body, and spirit. Allow our holistic services to guide you to that harmony. Gain mental clarity, balance your meridians, and bring peace to your mind and body.

Lymphatic Drainage: This treatment consists of extremely gentle and sequenced strokes that stimulate the movement of lymphatic fluid.  Skin manipulation techniques and mild stretching movements redirect lymph flow away from blocked areas to facilitate drainage and directly aid the body’s own cleansing system of cellular detoxification.

Lymphatic vessels are very easily stimulated.  Too much pressure bypasses the lymph system and can actually diminish lymph flow, therefore lymphatic drainage is delicate and almost superficial. This medically recognized therapy is excellent for boosting your immune system, as well as reducing pain, fluid retention, and chronic inflammation.  This treatment also relieves sinus conditions and headaches while detoxifying the body.

*This technique varies by therapist.  Due to the nature of the gentle, stimulating touch, there is no oil or lotion applied – this is not a massage.  Lymphatic Drainage is most beneficial for someone who is or pre/post-op and multiple sessions are encouraged for optimal results.  Please arrive hydrated to maximize results and continue to hydrate after your service.  Some light movement is encouraged after your session. Best results from regular lymphatic drainage sessions will occur when paired with an at-home healthy lifestyle.  1 hr. $135.00

Craniosacral Therapy: A sequence of feather-light, yet powerful, touches. The cranium is the part of the skull that encloses the brain.  The sacrum is at the base of the spine forming part of the pelvis.  Our craniosacral system pumps important fluid–cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)–between the brain and spinal area.  This fluid is extremely important for your immune system’s performance.  When there is an imbalance in flow of the fluid it can create a variety of health issues. During Craniosacral Therapy, gentle and precise touch is performed along the spinal column and head helping to restore the equilibrium in the craniosacral system. These movements aim to correct imbalances in the fluid surrounding and protecting the brain and spinal cord. Effective for headache, TMJ dysfunction, general pain and stress elimination. This service calms the central nervous system allowing the body and mind to be stronger and more resilient.  Please wear comfortable clothing. 1 hr. $135.00

Fibromyalgia Massage: An extremely gentle massage therapy. Designed for all stages of fibromyalgia, the massage therapist provides gentle strokes, light stretching and manipulation of tender points in the body that will relieve pain, fatigue and anxiety. A safe and effective alternative method for treating this condition. 30 min. $70.00 / 1hr $135.00

Reiki Fusion: Swedish massage with energy work to restore harmony.  1 hr. $135.00

Zen Shiatsu: Japanese acupressure treatment using palms, fingers and stretching. Shiatsu directly treats the meridian pathways within the body that channel Ki energy … our life essence. This method is used to release tension and increase circulation to restore energy. 1 hr. $135.00

Reflexology: This art focuses on reflex points on the soles of the feet that correlate to specific organs and integral body systems. As pressure is applied to specific points, tension, stress and fatigue are released, improving the body’s physical balance. 30min. $75.00 / 1 hr. $140.00

Cupping Therapy: A therapeutic, detoxing service that allows for deep myofascial release and increased blood circulation.  Not to be confused with massage, this therapy consists of using suction from cups that create a vacuum to draw up stagnant blood and bring toxins to the skins surface.  The skin, which is the bodys largest organ, contains fluid, blood vessels, connective tissues, muscle, and rich nerve supplies.  Working on the most superficial level of the skin allows the suction to cleanse and purify the blood leading to overall better health. 30min. $70.00 / 1 hr. $135.00

Restore Essential Oil Body Treatment: A relaxing body treatment that uses a clinical approach to essential oils. Each step of this treatment includes essential oil blends formulated to support healthy emotional and physiological functions for wellbeing.  The essential oil blends are applied along energy meridians of the body to balance sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems of the body to leave you with an unparalleled grounding experience.  This treatment is recommended seasonally to enhance mind & body balance, promote grounding, detoxify the body, and support the immune system. This service is completed with Chinese Acupressure which is an ancient healing art that stimulates the body’s natural self-curative abilities. 1 hr. $120.00

Reiki: An ancient light touch or non-touch energy therapy.  Reiki infuses the body with a concentrated amount of vital life force energy, assisting in the restoration of balance on the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels.  It helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, alleviate anxiety, balance chakras and emotions, as well as facilitate personal healing and spiritual growth. Please wear comfortable clothing. 30min. $65.00 / 1 hr. $110.00

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