Calming Facials

Having trouble working with your skin type? These facials are designed for specific skin types and aim to restore challenging skin. A spin of luxury always included.

Rejuvenating Facial: Our classic facial includes deep cleansing, toning, exfoliation, masque and extractions. Soothing products are applied giving you immediate results for hydrating and revitalizing your skin. 1 hr. $105.00

Aromatherapy Organic Facial: Our Aromatherapy Facial is not only a journey for the senses, it highlights the 100% certified organic skin care line Naturopathica. Every product is full of soothing anti-inflammatory and protective antioxidant ingredients like German blue chamomile, aloe, and white tea extract, making this a perfect treatment for all sensitive skin types including rosacea and acne. Tranquility’s Aromatherapy facial nourishes skin allowing it to combat dryness, wrinkles, and signs of aging.  The essences of Naturopathica will leave your skin feeling healthy, restored, and hydrated the way nature intended it to be.  Recommended for pregnant clients.  1 hr. $115.00

Acne Facial: Adult Acne can be frustrating and may not respond well to treatment because it is much different than a teenage acne breakout. Adult Acne can be influenced by factors such as stress, hormonal fluctuations, medications and diet.  This treatment highlights an Oxygen and Salycilic Acid treatment to open and cleanse the pores, detoxifying lymphatic massage, and a soothing and hydrating mask to allow the skin to heal. For best results treatment recommended in a series. All over the counter and prescription topical acne treatments and retinols must be discontinued a minimum of 3 days prior to treatment. 1 hr. $110.00

Tranquility Signature Facial: More than a facial, this experience is designed to optimize the skin’s natural regenerative process. Your skin will have an instant youthful glow. Start with a hydrating and purifying mask. Next, a radiant neck and decollete treatment. A relaxing facial massage stimulates circulation and collagen. Completing this treatment is a refreshing, rich botanical foot massage. 75min. $140.00

Teen Facial: This facial is intended for young people.  It creates balance in the skin and promotes healing of breakouts. This treatment aims at educating young people on proper skincare routines and handling problematic skin during changing times.  45min. $80.00

Back Facial: Perfect solution for acne and problem skin on shoulders and back. This treatment includes deep cleansing, extractions and application of blemish masque. 45mins $90.00 / Peel Add-On – Upper Back $50.00, Full Back $75.00

Rosacea Facial: Bring relief and lasting visual results to ultra-sensitive, irritated skin. This healing and hydrating treatment uses cooling facial globes and blue light therapy to calm the most sensitive skin. 1 hr. $110.00

Extractions: Clear clogged pores and congested skin with a quick extraction service.  A deep cleanse, exfoliation, and proper pore care will have you on your way to smooth, glowing skin.  45min. $55.00

Express Facial: An express skincare service. This facial does not include extraction.  Best for hydrating dry, dehydrated skin. Soothing products are applied giving you immediate results for hydrating and revitalizing your skin.  30min. $60.00

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