Nails, Waxing, Beauty, Etc.

Our professionals are dedicated to not only having you feeling your best, but looking your best.  Enhance your beauty with luxury nail treatments, quality care full body waxing services, and lash lifts and tints.

Nail Treatments

Soothe overworked hands and feet with our luxury nail services. Sit back and relax while your nails are primed and shaped. Enjoy a deluxe massage and essential oil scrub. Your favorite polish completes all nail treatments.  ***We do not offer powder removal.***

Spa Mani & Pedi: Our classic manicures and pedicures. Soak in a soothing essential oil bath, then have your nails primed with standard nail maintenance.  Hands and feet are then exfoliated with scented scrubs and rich lotion is massaged while you relax.  Your favorite nail polish completes this relaxing treatment. Spa Manicure: $25.00 / Spa Pedicure: $50.00 

Sportsman Mani & Pedi: Nail care designed specifically for today’s man.  Nail services include trimming, buffing, cuticle removal, exfoliating scrub, and massage.  Manicure: $25.00 / Pedicure: $45.00

Holistic Mani  & Pedi: These services are the next level of nail indulgence. Includes all the perks of our Spa nails services plus a warm, hydrating paraffin wrap and masque to follow. Holistic Manicure: $35.00 / Holistic Pedicure: $60.00 

LED Gel Mani: UV Free Gel Manicure! In addition to taking a fraction of the time to cure nails, this lamp is UV Free!!  This manicure lasts up to three weeks and is enriched with vitamins and minerals for stronger, healthier nails. Our amazing gel product allows nails to grow longer and not be exposed to everyday wear-and-tear. Try our luminous nail colors that apply faster, feel thinner, and last longer!!  $45.00

Add-On French Polish $7.00

Add-On Massage 10min. $10.00

Add-On Hot Stone $10.00

Polish Change – Cut, file, polish $15.00


Beauty, Ingrown Hair Treatment, Etc.

Lash Lift: Full, lifted lashes!  Create the appearance of longer, thicker lashes with a long lasting curl to your NATURAL lashes.  LashLift is the safest alternative to lash extension.  Paraben free, formaldehyde free, vegan.  $100.00 / Add in Lash Tint $115.00

Lash / Brow Tint: Dramatically enhance your lashes and brows to appear darker and fuller.  Temporary tint.  $30.00 / $25.00

Ingrown Hair Treatment: Quickly and easily eliminate the irritation of ingrown hairs.  The skin is cleansed and exfoliated to remove dry skin.  A clay detox mask opens the pores and allows for hair to relax.  Gentle extraction of ingrown hairs are performed followed by a calming and soothing mask.  This treatment is fantastic for maintaining the skin post-hair removal and avoiding ingrown hairs.  Recommended 2 weeks after a waxing service or when hair is beginning to grow back. Back $60.00 / Neck $35.00 / Bikini $60.00 / Under Cheeks $50.00



Say goodbye to shaving cuts, ingrown hairs, and itching!  Choose waxing for smooth, consistent results.. and save yourself time! Our technicians are experienced and precise.  Full body waxing for men & women.

Waxing removes hair from the root and leaves skin feeling and looking smooth. Shaving cuts the hair at its thickest point, so you can see the hair still there or the hair follicle below the skin.  It may take up to three waxing treatments to achieve smooth skin due to the fact that hair grows in stages and all of your hair is never at the same stage. It is very important to avoid shaving between waxing appointments, as this will interrupt the process and stimulate the hair growth again.

Please call for additional pricing inquiries.

  • Full Face $65.00
    • Eyebrow $22.00
    • Lip $13.00
    • Chin $13.00
    • Cheek/Sideburn $20.00
    • Nose $10.00
  • Back $70.00
    • Upper $50.00
    • Lower $25.00
  • Chest $40.00
    • Full Abdomen $35.00
    • Abdomen Strip $12.00
  • Glute $30.00
  • Full Arm $50.00
    • Lower $22.00
    • Upper & Shoulder $30.00
    • Hands $12.00
  • Full Leg $75.00
    • Lower & Knee $40.00
    • Upper $45.00
    • Feet $12.00
    • Inner Thigh $20.00
  • Underarm $23.00
  • Neckline $12.00

Women Only

  • Bikini – $35.00*
  • French Cut – narrow cut bikini – $45.00*
  • Partial Brazilian – $55.00*
  • Full Brazilian (everything) – $65.00

*Please note that hair length should be 1/4inch for your comfort (trimming will be an additional charge).


Preparing For Your Wax

All Areas of the body:

  • Completely discontinue all retinol and differin products at least 7 days prior to your service.
  • Waxing while using Accutane is prohibited.
  • Avoid waxing any areas that have been sun burned or laser treated.
  • Refrain from taking a shower or bath immediately before the treatment. Soaking the hair will soften it, allowing it to break more easily and making waxing less effective.
  • Make sure that the area(s) to be waxed are clean.


  • Hair should be at least ¼ inch, if it’s longer than ½ inch, you may want to trim it slightly, so the wax is able to grip better. Trimming during your service will be an additional charge.
  • Wear breathable, cotton underwear or loose bottoms to your appointment for maximum comfort.
  • Gently  a couple of days before your appointment to help prevent ingrown hairs.

Post Wax Recommendations

  • For the next 24-48 hours avoid on the waxed areas:
    • use of exfoliating products (Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA) products, loofahs, scrubs, etc.)
    • direct sun exposure and tanning beds
    • creams with fragrance or ingredients that may irritate
    • wearing tight clothing: results in irritation and inflammation
    • excessive heat or sweating that may cause chaffing or irritation.
  • It is possible that you will get ingrown hairs after a wax. Waxing removes the entire hair, root and all, from the follicle. Your skin naturally hardens and thickens over the area that was waxed so it is important to keep that area gently exfoliated. Use a gentle scrub in that area about 2 days after waxing and continue to exfoliate 1 to 2 times a week thereafter.
  • Apply an SPF 30 or greater sunscreen to any exposed treatment areas.




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